About us


About us

Our Vision

We aim to realize society that actively incorporates perspectives and feelings of the youth into national and regional politics as well as operations.


Our Mission

We aim to solve the current disconnection between “the youth” who will build the future and “politics” that improves our society.
We pursue activation of the sense of ownership for politics among the youth, and thereby lead politicians to face the youth, which ultimately yields their mutual engagement in communication.
We would like to design society whose members regard active participation in politics as “cool!”


Our Identity

-Engage in professional activities while possessing a sense that we are also a part of the youth. (Be “with” and “as” the youth, instead of “to” the youth, since our members are all between teenagers to 20’s)
-Understand the positions and feelings of both the youth and the politics
-Be Creative! Be challenging! Do not be stuck in old customs and precedents.
-Provide the fun, interest and inspiration to people involved. -Strictly adhere to the stance of political neutrality


Our Plans(やること)

-Increasing opportunities that connect the youth and children with politics.


We currently have few opportunities that children and the youth can interact with politicians or members of national and regional executive officers. We believe that more interactions can yield stronger interest and greater familiarity in politics among the youth and children. Therefore, we, Youth Create, provides events and campaigns that realize direct communication between politicians and the youth and children.


-Creating arenas that enrich knowledge of politics among the youth and children


The framework of politics, contents of policies and daily works of politicians are basic information regarding politics. However, people who have a right grasp of these matters are actually very limited. As it is difficult to enjoy any supports without knowing basic rules, it is difficult to enjoy politics without some basic knowledge of politics. Therefore we boost up such political literacy among children and the youth through sending information and holding events that talk about politics.


-Encourage political participation in the youth


We aim to reflect “the voice of the youth and children who have a sense of ownership for politics” in our politics. We pursue raising the voting rate and the quality of votes in each election. We engage in activities that vitalize elections. Also, we act to revise the Public Office Election Law to realize the stronger presence of the youth in our politics.


Three reasons that young people should go to vote

20070417_152824_P4170002 / くーさん

I will address three reasons that young people should go to vote.

The first reason for their own greater future. The younger people are, the longer they will be under influence of the current politics. Since the average life expectancy is over 80 year-old in Japan, Japanese people in their 20’s are going to have the great influence of the current politics over the coming 60 years! An easy example is the pension system. Although young people have been supporting the current pension system, it will be after several decades that they can finally take advantage of this system. After retirement, whether and how much “you” can receive pension is totally based on politics regardless of your vote or abandonment of your right. Let’s not waste your right to control your own future, reflect your voice on politics and be responsible for your own future.


The second reason is to change the current situation of young people in politics. Due to the small population and their low turnout, the number of voting of 20’s is even less than 10 percent of the whole constitute of Japan. As a result, policies targeted at elderly people have been prioritized in exchange to policies for young people. To change such a structure, young people need to actively participate in politics and illustrate their presence clearly.


The third reason is to design new Japan. There are many matters stem from the aging population with decreasing birth ratio, which cannot be solved by the existing social and political system. Social security, pension system, structure of politics and labor are examples. However, people with the vested interest are not likely to demand a solution for these matters. Thus young people who are not stuck in fixed ideas or old customs need to reform our politics. Innovations that is considered as normal in business or economics is also needed in politics. It will yield to great future for yourself and people of next generations.


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